Week in Pics

Another busy but productive week. I seem to have accomplished much more than anticipated and am slowly getting caught up with paper work. Yeah me.
Just a quick update as I am sure everyone is tired of my woes. I have done well this week. Strength and stamina are improving daily, mobility is improving and my weight training and knee rehab are going very well. Slowly ever so slowly the left thigh muscle is coming back. Next Friday I will be liberated from my cast and put in some type of knee brace and then I can really start the rehab thing. enough said

So lots of little things to report, but will do it in pics. Grab your favorite beverage as this is long!!!
I joined a Valentine Tag Swap with Heather at Speckled Egg. Yesterday our tags arrived and what fun it was to go through them and see all the different techniques. Heather included a great little package of goodies. Thanks Heather.
She divided the tags into pink and red groups.
Pink group

Another pic of the pink group

Red group

Red group

My new best friend is this container on wheels. I had told Kim that doing laundry was a pain on crutches as I either made a bizillion trips back and forth with a few pieces of laundry or I piled it all under my shirt (looking very fat and pregnant) and made my way to the washer. Jenn and I found this last weekend and my life is wonderful as I can throw everything in it and pull it behind me to the laundry area plus when the clothes are finished drying I can throw them in there and haul to the couch where they can be folded.

Wednesday nite was Stampin Up class at Jan's. We made 2 cards and 2 containers. Lots of fun. Here is one of the baskets

Another little container using my favorite new Stampin Up paper

Card we made

2nd card

And since I didn't get pics from our last class before here are the 3 cards from last class

So there you have it. Rumor has it my son is coming in this am to take me to the bank to get some things taken care of and then we mite have lunch with my daughter and her family.
Hope you all have a great weekend


Kim said…
glad to see you got the laundry situation taken care of!
Hi Sherry!
I haven't visited you in a while...it's good to see you're up and around, at least a little more! I loved all the tags, too! That was a great swap, and I'd sign up for a tag swap in a heartbeat from now on! I loved YOUR beautiful tag, the layering and coloring is so pretty! And to top it off with a metal heart---fabulous!
Take care, and don't pust your leg too much (like shopping trips???)

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