A Good Day

Happy Labor Day everyone.
I bet you are all surprised to see a second post today. I didn't count my journal post as an official post so there ya have it.
This has been a very quiet but really good day. I pretty much did nothing exciting and just enjoyed the day as it unfolded. Some craft time, computer time and most importantly some Anthony and Sadera time. Jenn and the kids popped over so she could pick up some more soap nuts and then we boiled the used ones and made a liquid soap. It was good to visit with the munchkins for a little while. They were trying to talk their Mom out of getting groceries. As they left they were still working on her not to go to Trader Joe's and just go home.

Jenn and John purchased a new Civic this weekend. They got a super deal on the 2009 since there are no used cars to be had around here. They aren't too happy with the color black but it is sure pretty,

I spent the afternoon cooking. I made Chicken Spaghetti and bacon,onion, cheese biscuits for dinner. I found the recipes on the Pioneer Woman. I am excited as I have pre-ordered her cookbook and Jenn, Jan and I are going to her book signing in Tempe this Nov. Should be fun.

It seems the usual doldrums are not hitting me today. Usually by this time I am dreading Monday approaching. Having that one extra day off makes such a big difference
So another work week to start tomorrow and at least it is short :)


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