Welcome to the newest member of my family

Ha!!! I bet I had all of you thinking I bought or inherited another animal. Except for Farmville I am animal free!! No my newest member of my family does not need to be fed, watered or pottied. No talking back from her, no eye rolling, no complaining. She just stands obediently keeping watch.
So here you go meet Matilda!!!

I am so ready for fall and cooler weather so when I was at my kids most favorite store (NOT) Walmart I saw this cutie and picked her right up. I sat her by my door on the carport. Soon she will have some pumpkins around her.
And on a completely different note I am going to be holding Colleen's BIG SHOT for ransom. I was in charge of babysitting this little wonder while Colleen is in Cali. I finally broke it open and used it this weekend and I have to say I am hooked. Loving it. I cut out canvas rectangular note shapes for some bags I am decorating. Worked like a dream

And if I didn't feel old already look what showed up in the mail on Saturday. Wahoo I can be a member of AARP. How special is that I ask

Hope all are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend I know I am enjoying the peace and quiet. And so far no leaks in the roof since they were out on Friday but also no measurable rain here at my house either.


I knew you could make that sucker work!!! I am always challenged by new things, ie, the Cricket; anyway, I am ordering lots of new things for that in the new mini. Your house looks beautiful and inviting.

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