Returning to Reality

This past weekend I had the privilege to attend one of Kim C's most fabulous events Artistic Affaire L'Automne. What a wonderful fun filled, pampered week end. No detail was left undone everything was perfection. To make the event that much more special I connected with Colleen( who is in Oakland now) and all the wonderful girls and friends from past events. Sweet Maija was there and sad to say about the only time we see each other is in California. The weather to us Az girls was humid but it didn't stop us from having a ball.
My adventure started Thursday when Kim H picked me up and we headed on our way. We arrived at Kim C's to be greeted by the sweet Amy Powers and Lisa Kettell. It was off for pedis that Kim had arranged for us and then back to Kim's for girl talk and laughter.
Friday while Kim H, Jamie, and Alice helped Kim get ready for the evenings soiree Colleen and I caught up on all the happenings.
We were given a limo instead of the town car we had ordered to drive us to the studio, What a relaxing ride and in style too.
Packed and ready to load the pickup

Colleen in the limo

Colleen visiting

One of many beautiful fall displays

And another display that greeted us as we came up the stairs

Lisa and I she is just so fun

Julie H, Kim C, Lisa K and Ruth R

The refreshment area so beautiful

Val and Kim

We shopped and snacked on wonderful food. Laura had a very cute make n take. Visited with all our friends and then it was time to say good night and get ready for Saturday.
More pics next post as this is already long
Kim did a wonderful job of ensuring that we all had the grandest of times. Hard to come back to reality. More next post


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