Quiet weekend

This has been a pretty quiet weekend. I guess I was more tired from my Cali trip than I had thought. I also think I have picked up a "bug" as I am just not feeling the best. Can't decide if it is these darn allergies or what.

Saturday I made a quick trip to Mystic Paper and picked up some Halloween Stamps. That was pretty much it for me as I was hot and tired so home I came. Fixed chicken Marsala in the crock pot for my dinner and it was beyond yummy.

Today I decided that I needed to do something besides being a slug on the couch. I made Margie's pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Oh my goodness it make a bazillion of them. I will definitely be bringing some to my kids and to work. I made little muffin holders with a die for the Big Shot that I continue to hold for ransom. Colleen will have a large ransom by the time she gets home
Have swiss steak in my crock pot for my dinner and have laundry about done. Played with new Halloween stamps loving them.
So not much news off to get ready for another week at work. Maybe I will have more energy later on in the week for a better post


Cheryl said…
Sorry to hear you are a little under the weather! Hope you are feeling yourself soon!
Don't you just LOVE Margie's muffins...that is my favorite fall muffin recipe. If it would just "cool off" and act like fall, I'd make some!

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