Busy Saturday

Wow what a busy busy day!!!! My day started at 9 am with a Starbucks and lemon pound cake with Colleen. From there we headed to downtown Mesa for the open house of Blissful Living at Domestic Bliss. Man we ran in to a ton of people we knew from Judy in Carfree, Cindy Bateman, Beth Quinn, Kim and Aliya and the list goes on and on. Somehow we missed Maija. It was interesting to see the classes that were being offered. Prior to our stop at Domestic Bliss we had to get us some new Art Prima Flowers from Mystic Paper. I am so loving these flowers. And they are relatively hard to find so I grabbed 4 yes you read that right 4 containers of them as well as a couple of new Crafty Secrets stamps.

Colleen and I headed to Sweetcakes for some yummy chicken salad on honey wheat bread (sorry Kim C and Cheryl S as I know it is your favorite). Unfortunately Kim and Aliya had prior engagements and couldn't join us. We did get to meet long enough for her to give me my wonderful BD gift Vintage perfume bottles. I love them!!! and to give us our "extra hands" we had ordered for soldering. Believe me I need these.
Lets see then it was on to the "Paper Studio" and again Colleen found tons to buy and well ya so did I although not tons.
Then back to REI so Colleen could buy some Crocs like mine. Well she didn't end up with Crocs but a really neat pair of shoes and I ended up with new clothes. I think I really like this new adventure of REI

From there it was to Chandler Mall. Can I just say it was packed!!! We went to Barnes and Noble for Barbara Walters new book for Colleen and Home Companion for me. A quick stop at Starbuck's in Barnes and Noble and then home. Yeap long fun day

Tomorrow is the Elephant Bar to celebrate Sadera, TJ and my birthdays plus Mother's day. Happy Mother's Day to evryone
Enjoy the pictures as I learn how to manipulate my new camera. I love my new camera

Prima flowers can't wait to use them

My extra hands these are too funny

Starbuck's Passion lemonade great way to end the day

My newest additions to my perfume bottle collection. Thanks Kim!


Kim said…
it all looks wonderful! love the photo of the bottles! what a fun LONG day! have fun with that new camera!
Maija said…
Your day sounds wonderful!! I wish I could have seen you!

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