So I stayed home and took a day of R&R from work, got up and had my coffee while I made my list for errands today. Had my list all neatly organized and made out and out I went. Mailed off the Birds & Bonnets swap, and headed to Target for printer ink, new keyboard, air filter and a few other little things. I found the ink, and as I walked by the camera department I also found something I had been looking for for a long time. Yeap my list went out the window and I came home with this. I am so in love with this little beauty. I could hardly wait for the battery to charge.

Well the battery is charged and I have been playing with my new camera ever since. I have over 50 pictures of nothing literally nothing. So I did remember to get the air filter and forgot the rest in my excitement. Luckily my keyboard is hanging in there despite the coffee I spilled on it this am. Yes TJ I again spilled liquid on my keyboard. I know don't drink coffee over the keyboard.

Colleen stopped by to see if I wanted to make a fast trip to REI with her. Of course I did. She loved my new camera and we were cracking up laughing that she went to the Mercedes dealer for a new cup holder for her car and left with a new Mercedes, I go for an air filter and come home with a new camera. Difference is I don't have monthly payments :)
She bought water shoes for the pool and sandals and as for me, I found 3 pair of crocs. Love them. We stopped for a quick sandwich at Wildflower and now I am home playing with my camera. Below are my new crocs courtesy of my new camera.

Tomorrow is a quiet day off to an open house in Mesa and that is about it.
Sunday is family dinner at the Elephant Bar.
Have a good one


Sarah said…
I went to Walmart last night for some sugar free candy and walked out with Photoshop Elements...so I hear ya!
Maija said…
My hubby and son were at REI for quite a while on SAturday. Will Colleen be dragging you back this weekend for REI's Garage Sale?
Rebecca said…
thats an awesome camera! i hope you have fun playing with it and learning!
Hi! I just came over from Everyday Cookies- I got this camera for Christmas - I love it, but still have not figured out all the bells and whistles!

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