What a Day

****WARNING**** Long post
So today started as Colleen would say at 0 dark thirty. Colleen picked me up at 6:30 and off to the Merchant Square Flea Market and sale we went. Of course with Starbucks in hand. We actually got there at 7am when it opened. Parking was not too bad. But the flea market was in the parking lot and by 7:30 am it was hot in the sun. Kim joined us mid way through Colleen and mine meanderings through the booths. I think the first 3 booths Colleen had spent her money. She found some unique stuff including a beautiful rhinestone bracelet, bird cage and on and on. Me being on the more conservative side saw lots I wanted but alas there is no room for more benches, wall hangings and such. I managed to find some unique old jars, a beautiful meat tray, and I scored on some jewelry in a satin pink box. Also found a beautiful vintage camisole. My most exciting find was the bell jar cover and metal plate. Love it.
About 9:30 we bid Kim goodbye and headed to Mystic Paper for our class with Josie. Colleen had decorated my place and chair. What fun. My chair had a beautiful green cotton towel with lace, brown satin and teal tulle. It was so pretty. And setting on the table was my little birdcage that I had wanted and supposedly was sold out huh Colleen?? with some unique tags. Loved it all.
Josie's class was soldered book using glass and transparencies. As usual it was a great class. Sue M was there and we were able to get caught up on all the classes she has been taking. As part of my birthday Colleen had purchased Josie's new book and of course had Josie sign it. It is a beautiful book.
Following class I was serenaded with Happy Birthday and Colleen served the famous Better Than Sex Cake. It was scrumptious. It was a great day and ended with dinner at the Wildflower as we had not eaten breakfast or lunch so we were starved!!!
Thanks Colleen for making it such a special day

The towel on my chair. It goes perfect in my kitchen

These are the goodies that were at my place at Mystic Paper

Pink satin box and 2 sets of pearls and a pearl collar

The meat platter and the 2 jars one with a wooden lid plus the not/receipt holder thingy

My beautiful bell jar and silver plate

This beautiful box was from Sue M and had the sweetest little white bird in it . Thanks Sue

My place on the table

Sue and the rest of the class

Colleen and the other 1/2

Josie and one of the gals with her book

All of our finished books

My book

and finally the cake the delicious sinful "no calorie" cake

So if you made it through this post you deserve a pat on the back. It was a great day of shopping, great class and hanging with Kim and Sue M. As usual Colleen outdid herself. so I am officially exhausted and going to relax. Have a great weekend all


Maija said…
Oh my peeps- I missed you!
I went to the flea market- got there at 7:15 and sisn't leave until about 9- I can't believe I missed you all- it's not like you guys are a quiet group!
Then I headed up to Scottsdale for my son's games.
Your book rocks- and I can't imagine a cake being better than sex?!?!?
Kims Kul-de-Sac said…
I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you! Looks like you all had a blast. It's funny how that little bird cage found it's way to your chair!
Kim said…
wow you had a full day full of fun! tounge twister! :) fun seeing you 2 for a bit! love your book and sad i wasn't there! you got some wonderful finds!
Fun day! The shopping, the class, the cake, the books, and the company! Happy Birthday!

I received my tags today! LOVE them all!

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