Happy Mother's Day

What a wonderful day this has been. Actually it has been such a good weekend all around. From my previous posts I think you all know I bought myself a new camera and from previous posts everyone knows how much I love it. Well now my kids love it too. I took many pics and so did Jenn and TJ unfortunately TJ eliminated all the pics of himself. So the following pics are mainly ones Jenn and TJ took. We all met at the Elephant Bar for lunch and to celebrate all of our birthdays and Mother's Day.
Sadera and Anthony were exhausted from the sleepover on Sat for Sadera's birthday party.
Good good food, great desserts and lots of conversations. Following lunch we all trooped over to REI 3rd time this weekend for me and came out empty handed. TJ and I came home and he fixed my leaky shower faucet after a brief trip to Home Depot. Now I am kicking back and looking at all these pictures I have snapped. Great weekend!!!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!!

Lobby area of the Elephant Bar

Anthony who was "starving"




TJ gave me a new keyboard and a tripod for my new camera and Jenn a new camera bag

Beautiful tulips from Sadera and Anthony with their new school pics. I will scan in and put up later

the "BIRD" click on the pic to see all the fine details of his colors. TJ took this pic


Cheryl said…
Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day. Wish Kim and I could have joined you and Colleen on Saturday - what a fun day!
We'll have to get back over to AZ one of these day!

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