Short week

Well this has been a short week of work with having Monday off. That extra day makes a big difference that is for sure. So here it is Friday again and another long weekend for me. I have Monday off again. Going to be taking an administrative day and work from home. Guess we will see how great my computer tech skills are and if I can get on my computer at work from home. TJ and the Doc have given me instructions so we will see. If not I can be creative:)
Not too much to report it was a pretty quiet week. We seem to be getting lots of new patients so that is good for us bad for them. I am sure going on dialysis was not in their whole scheme of future plans.
My knee rehab progresses and we seem to step it up a notch every week. Along with the weight training. oh ya and my complaining!!!! Wednesday was outside for knee rehab. Can I just say it was pretty hot out there in the sun??? But I attempted to run (I am sure that was a funny site)jump up and down off the curb didn't happen and many other wonderful exercise. Loved it!!

I have been working on one of Carol Wingert's monthly kits and have it completed. This is the kit that Kim made the wooden easels for. It was really fun putting this one together well all of them have been great. The kits are packed full of goodies to complete each project and each one is different. I am thinking of sending this off to my sister (who by the way I haven't heard from in over a week) so she can put her beach pics in it. Below are some of the pics of the album.

Finally finished up a board to display the tags from the swap I hosted. I have it hanging in my scrap room. Not real pleased with the background paper so may switch it out. I thought it was going to be neutral enough but the tags are not showing up very well. I need to try some different papers and see if I can make them pop out a bit more

So another road trip is planned to 7th Ave tomorrow. Colleen put some things on hold and we are planning on driving up to pick them up. Melrose is supposed to be open so Bet we stop in there too
Working on details for the next tag swap and will post them this weekend
Hope everyone has a great weekend you to dear SISTER


Kim said…
loving your album from carol. it turned out really cute! so did your tag board though.
can't wait to hunt for some great deals!
Maija said…
That board is a great idea, Sherry!
I'm glad you are making progress with your knee- it mustbe a bich!

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