Weekend Celebration

Saturday was our all girls day to celebrate Sadera's birthday and National Scrapbook Day. Sadera turned 10 on Thursday. Gosh it is hard to believe that she is that old already. Time truly does fly by.
Colleen picked the 3 of us up and we headed to Starbucks. What better way to start our day. From Starbucks it was to downtown Mesa. I wanted the "birdcage" that was on Mystic Paper's blog. Unfortunately they were sold out. Bummers!!!! So instead I let Sadera pick out papers and embellishments to make her birthday album. She pondered over many lines and finally was able to choose her favorite.

From Mystic Paper it was on to Domestic Bliss. This is one of my favorite places to shop. When we walked in Colleen spied a Flemish Dressmakers form. You guessed it she got it. About 2 weeks ago I had stumbled on to one and she ordered it so now she has 2. Sadera found a beautiful necklace and I just happened to find 2 unique tops. A good day for shopping.

After a whirlwind shopping trip it was on to TC Eggington's for lunch. Scrumptious lunch. They brought Sadera the most over the top chocolate, carmel, nut, whipped cream dessert. It was to die for.

After lunch to my house. I had set my dining room table up so we could play. Sadera and Jenn worked on a crown banner for Sadera's room and Colleen and I worked on Carol Wingert's kit. Sadera had Colleen relating all her most embarrassing moments. What a hoot. Colleen had all of us laughing the whole time. It was a super great bonding day for the 4 of us. Hope to do it again soon.

Sadera outside Domestic Bliss

Jenn & Sadrea

Sadera clowning around

Her birthday dessert

Here we are hard at work

Sadera and Jenn working on her crown banner

Still working

Da da the final finished banner. She loved it

Another view

My completed album. This was so fun. Carol Wingert puts out a monthly kit and they are way above the rest of the monthly kits I have purchased. She thinks of every little detail and the kits are loaded with all kinds of the best goodies. The instructions are so clear with pictures and details. And all the vintage goodies are wonderful too. Can ya tell I am hooked on her monthly kits. I can't wait for next months.


Kim said…
looks like you girls had a lot of fun! love the banner they did a wonderful job! great monthly kits!
Maija said…
What a great day for all of you!!
Are you going to the Domestic Bliss store on Saturday????

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