What a fun day

EDITED****** 5/25/08
Check out Kim's blog for her exciting news. She will be teaching at Mystic Paper in the very near future wahoo. Can't wait for her first class. Colleen and I helped her celebrate as only we can by shopping away the day.
It has been so hard to be quiet until she could announce it but as I said we are thrilled to pieces as this will be such a good fit for Kim. CONGRATS Kim!!!!

This has been a day of exploring, seeking and finding hidden treasures in many many thrift stores on 7th Ave in Phoenix. Despite the clouds and sometimes a drizzle we had a great day.
Colleen picked me up and to Starbucks for our addiction we headed. We relaxed over our favorite beverages and a blueberry oat bar for me. Kim from Mystic Paper had let Colleen know that the rest of Tim Holtz metal embellishments had arrived, so off we headed to pick those up. We arrived early and had the store to ourselves for a few minutes. Met Kim H as planned minus Ms Aliya, who decided to stay home with Kelsey. After a brief shopping expedition and visit with Kim, Ellen and Rick it was off for our planned day of treasure hunting.

I think I have all I need now:)

Our first destination was Melrose and as our luck would have it it was closed Bummers. Luckily Home Again is close by so this is where the adventure began. I picked up the flyer and after finishing up our shopping which by the way Kim and Colleen totally outdid me we headed to Flos and Rust and Roses

as you can see lots of places to shop!!!

Home Again
Since Melrose was not opened we started our adventure here. This is one of my favorites on 7th Ave. Always clean and lots of good finds
Beautiful hankies

Gorgeous placemats well that is what I am using them for

the box, not sure what I will put in here but I had to have it

This small little Mexican restaurant came highly recommended from the staff of Flos another thrift store. They were right it was really really good food. The water not so good but the rest was great

White Dove Thrift Shop
Store is run by Valley of the Hospice. It is really a beautiful store and near and dear to Colleen and my hearts as our friend Michelle was in Hospice before she passed away. We still think of her often.
This little sweetie is destined to have her legs and arms removed for an altered art project :)

This is the loot from a little store in a strip mall called Mixture. Vintage button cards, sewing kits and a 5th grade history book plus a piece of jewelry. We really had to dig to find our treasures in this store as it was crammed to the ceiling but oh what fun

Close up of my 2 favorite vintage button cards

Paris Envy
The softest t-shirt ever and of course no matter how I tried I can't get the writing that is raised to show. Anyhow I bought it to wear under my dress

The dress love this dress again it is so soft and I hope it will be cool this summer

One more thrift store and then we were exhausted and so to Colleen's favorite place Starbucks to get revived and then it was home. All 3 of us decided it was a super day no worries or cares just digging through junk, lots of laughs and good old heartfelt discussions on anything yo can think of. Thanks Colleen and Kim what a fun day with great friends. Be sure and check Kim's blog to see her finds. She has some wonderful things. Maybe because she looks down and we don't huh Colleen:)


Kim said…
i didn't get to see all your finds today. funny how that happens! i remember when your friend michelle was in the hospice. i hadn't even thought about that today. lots of fun!
Kims Kul-de-Sac said…
You three amigos crack me up! I'm jealous that I'm always working and can't shop with you. I probably couldn't keep up anyways. Great finds Sherry!
Michelle Devine said…
Looks like a fun day! Lots of pretty finds
Kim Caldwell said…
What a great day. Nothing better than retail therapy with good friends. Miss you all. . .

Hugs, Kim
Now that's my idea of a good day...fun stuff! Love the button cards.

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