A week end in review

This has been a pretty busy week end but one in that I accomplished a lot. Today I had my very first Pumpkin Latte of the season. Yummy. Now it is hotter than heck outside but I have to say the hot coffee was so good even with the non fat milk and no whip cream.

Sat I was up early and headed to Mystic to join the celebration of their 5 year anniversary. As I walked out my door this is what I saw! Now times must be really alot worse than I thought if you need a hearse to advertise your moving sale. Funny thing or not when I came home from work Friday there were alot of cars at this house with the hearse parked in front. I figured some one had passed away and the hearse was there to pick them up. About 30 min later the hearse was gone cars gone and house all shut up so didn't think much about it. Well I guess no one passed away and they are moving. Gee I am sure going to miss their loud house shaking Mexican music!!!

Anyway I made it to Mystic with out further incident and had a really nice visit with Mike and Lesly. I bought Lesly's church. I am so in love with it. I collect unique churches and this is perfect for my collection.

So today has been spent doing laundry, cleaning and working in the yard. Jen called and asked me to join them for lunch (late lunch)at a new place they have discovered very close to me. I agreed and met them. This was such a fun little restaurant/bar. Very unique. I had forgotten to bring my camera so these pics are courtesy of my cell phone. Not the best but a good idea of what it was like.

The tables were doors with glass on them and the seating was church pews. Lots of old pics I am thinking Irish on the walls. The food is pastry shells with all different ingredients and they must have had a million different combos. Food is served on tin plates.

Jen and wild haired Anthony. Oops I think he forgot to tame his wild hair today. He is growing it you know!

Sadera and John

Here is mine Mexican . It was marinated steak, eggs, chillies in the pastry shell oh my goodness was it good. I brought the other half home

Then oh my goodness they have desserts in the pastry this one is caramel bananas and whipped cream lo calorie I am sure

And this one was my favorite peanut butter, raspberry jam with a wonderful raspberry sauce. I will be eating here again I am sure.

So that is the wrap up of my weekend and it is back to work tomorrow. Boss gone till Wednesday and I am leaving Thursday. Can't wait to head out to Kim's event in Cali


Anonymous said…
Sorry... couldn't get past the starbucks!
Tina said…
That restaurant looks yummy! I am going to have to get the address from you. Glad you had a good weekend.
My favorite is the pumpkin latte at Starbucks! Come on Fall!!
Lindsey said…
That church is beautiful! What a great restuarant too... have fun in california!

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