Lazy Hot Sunday

This has been a fairly lazy day for me. Just went to get my hair cut (thanks Lori I love my new short lots of highlights look) and then to pick up groceries. Talked to Colleen and she has been "noodling" all day so guess she has a bit of lazy bugitis too.
In my post yesterday I had forgot to post my ATC swap and card class at Jan's pictures
We have been on hiatus with our Stampin Up monthly club so this past Wed was our first class. Made 3 cards with the new stamp sets and the new colors. Beautiful new colors but the kiwi green is probably my favorite right now.

Mystic Paper has a monthly ATC drop off swap and I joined this month. Below are 3 of the ATC plus mine. Mine is the mermaid of course since I love mermaids. Next month theme is "It's Good to Be Queen" that should be fun.

So still working on my canvas swap. Hope to get it completed tonight and then finish up my cigar box this week. That will leave the Bingo card swap plus the ATC swap.
Ok back to creating


Rebecca Tresler said…
Great cards!!

Yes, tt was a crazy storm! We went out and took those before it got too wild outside. Then we tried again later during one of the rain breaks but by then it was just straight strobing! I love rain!
Paris Cowgirl said…
Sherry, I passed the "I Love Your Blog" award to you. Check out my blog to see why!

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