Saturday Happenings

Today was a fun creating day at Mystic Paper as Colleen and I took Kim's "Time 2 Cook" class. Kim taught us all kinds of new techniques for collaging our papers onto chipboard. Messy fun!!! I think all of us had a great time getting to know one another,and sharing our master pieces. It was a fun class. I am still washing gesso, gel medium and distress inks off my hands!
We hooked up with Sue M. It was so good to see her again.

Our class. Colleen really got into smashing her spoon. Poor concrete floor poor ghosts bet they wondered just what we were up to. Sorry ghosts!

Busy working

Kim teaching and explaining and Colleen intently listening

Sue working away

Here is some more of the gang

I seemed to have camera problems today and needed to do alot of creative cropping. Apparently I missed the cords hanging down and many of my pics had cords coming out of peoples heads. Oops oh well next time.
Following a shopping expedition extraordinaire which included the newly arrived glass glitter, wall paper and a skeleton for Anthony we headed over to S Bistro for a late lunch. Yummy hamburgers. Chef Brian even allowed us back to see his kitchen.
So another great day, good friends, good food and a great class.


Paris Cowgirl said…
I have a knack for getting pics with cords coming out of peoples heads too! But it beats having cords strung all over the floor. What a crazy day it was!
kim hesson said…
definately a fun group of ladies and a fun class to teach! it was a great day!
Sue M said…
It was a great fun wasn't it? So good to see all of you again.

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