The Weekend is Gone

What a very short weekend. It seems it was just Friday and here it is Sunday evening already. I had a great weekend spent with friends and family, so it really can't get much better than that. I did manage to complete my houses for a swap in Oct. One of three swaps I am in. One down and two to go.
A little sneak peak of my houses

Today we met up at Firebird for lunch. TJ drove in from Casa Grande to meet us. Absolutely wonderful lunch. The food was super! I managed to find a bench in the shade so I could grab a couple of pictures of my kids. I think they thought it was torture. Oh well at least I got a pic.

Saturday am Colleen and I rode to Payson with Kim. She had a full class to teach at Paper and Metals Scrappers. Colleen and I were able to take the class. It has been a really long time since we had a class so it was fun to get back in the groove. After class we shopped a bit and then packed up to go find lunch. We hit the jackpot and on recommendations from the other class participants we stopped to eat at Mackey's. I think we died and went to heaven. The food was as good as they had all said, service was wonderful and let me tell you the carrot cake is fabulous.
Colleen and Kim before class

Colleen shopping!!

Following lunch we were only able to find one new antique store before they closed. This is the cutest place. 13 rooms of wonderful stuff. Colleen found several things and I stuck to my hankies, and laces. We tried on many hats!!! They were good for a laugh

Sadly we had to head for home. We loved the cool, clear weather. Coming home the clouds were rolling in. Beautiful huge fluffy clouds. It was a great day in cooler than Phoenix, Payson.

Short week for me as Friday I am heading to Temecula for a few days of wine tasting, flea marketing with a great group of friends. Can't wait


Cheryl said…
Sounds like you, Kim & Colleen had fun in Payson. Looking forward to next weekend...see you soon!
kim hesson said…
it was a wonderful day! so glad you 2 could join me! and i tell you i'm amazed at how beautiful the cloud photos turn out considering how dirty my windows were! can't wait till friday! watch out cali here we come!
Paris Cowgirl said…
It looks like you guys had a great time! And you're gone next weekend too? No fair.

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