Yeah it is Friday and the short weekend looms ahead. Adventures await me I am sure.

Saturday early am I am once again heading to Payson with Kim and Colleen. Kim is teaching an awesome class here. Colleen and I may get to take it if there are any spots left. Otherwise we will be shopping the store while Kim teaches. I am sure we will find something we can not live without. I need some more nail heads and corners for my Purple Monster and of course I need to introduce Colleen to the wonderful Purple Monster. After Kim's class I imagine we will be shopping some of the fun antique stores. Keeping my fingers crossed for some more blueberry coffee cake:)
So Colleen will pick up the new Starbuck's protein drinks for all of us and we will head out to Payson bright and early.
Sunday is family lunch but where we are not sure yet, I bet there will be pics later in the weekend.


Amy O said…
Hi Sherry! The tags from your swap turned out great! Congrats! I am toying with the idea of hosting a swap, in spare time! Ha ha! Take care.
Paris Cowgirl said…
Well, we'll miss you crazy girls this weekend. But, at least I know that I dn't have to get to the store 15 minutes early! Did I mention that I've got your keys made? Have a great time!
Rebecca Tresler said…
Hope you have a fun weekend! I bet Payson will be so nice!

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