Sunday, August 03, 2008

Slow motion

Boy am I am slow motion today!!! Guess I was more tired than I thought from our shopping yesterday. (See the previous post). So anyway I thought since I was uploading my photos I would give you a brief glimpse of what I found at the antique stores.
Buttons buttons buttons I love vintage, old buttons. Now I didn't get as many as Kim she hit the jack pot!

Meet Mistress Mary. She is the sweetest little pot from Lamar Pottery. These are hard for me to find at a reasonable price but I scored big time with her

I found 2 of these beautiful blue glass balls. I think they are mercury glass and I love them

Mailbox front. I have big plans for this one

Hankies with crocheted or tatting edgings. Just love them.

Ok that is it my treasures from yesterday. See not too bad. so I guess I need to accomplish something today so off to finish the laundry. Work tomorrow


[Charlene] said...

Great treasures. I also love mercury glass, and have some real pieces and quite a few modern faked ones.

Rebecca Tresler said...

What fun stuff! You always get great finds!

Heidi ( said...

You did find some great treasures! How fun! The little figurine is adorable.

Kim Caldwell said...

Ohhhh, you know I love those little girl planters. Great score!!

Hugs, Kim