Recaps of the week

As I wrote on Friday it has been a long hot week. Lots going on at the dialysis center, lots going on at the home front. I was really glad to see Saturday come. I was ready for a break!
Colleen is home after a stressful two weeks in Washington State visiting relatives and spending time with her 98 year old Aunt. Lots of stories for her to tell. She came home Monday night to a trashed house. Hopefully she and Mike P will get her blog up and running soon and the pics and stories will thoroughly entertain you.

Yesterday, Colleen and I did our usual Starbucks but now with a twist. Starbucks now has a protein drink so Colleen insisted I try it. Have to say calorie wise probably less than my venti vanilla latte and taste wise it was good. Health wise better than coffee. I did not have the two shots of espresso that Colleen added to hers or the iced coffee that Colleen had as a chaser. So it was off to Mystic Paper as Collen needed (like me) the new Graphics 45 paper and some embellishments for the house swap we are all in. Met up with Kim, Kelsey and Aliya. Aliya was sporting a band aid on each arm as she had to have her shots for school. Lucky her had 2 firemen give her shots. Well I guess from Aliya's perspective not so lucky but from us adults way cool. Lunch was at trip to Sweetcakes our favorite place to eat and then it was off Antiquing. The Antique Mall in Mesa was EXPENSIVE!!! Kim scored some good things but I barely bought anything. From there it was to Market Square where we ran into Maija. Maija's new tattoo is beautiful so it was fun to catch up with her and all she has been up to. All of us found great treasures and more reasonably priced. We had fun with Kim's girls and Aliya's funny sayings.
Colleen and I stopped at Wildflower for soup and a sandwich and then it was home. I was tired but I hear Kim kept on shopping and going till about 9. Guess they have age on us old people as they still had energy left we didn't.
I am sure Colleen is back to cleaning her trashed house today. Lets see bleach+germicidal cleaner+ammonia= chemical burns on ones fingers!!!!! oh ya and Lysol spray. Her house is squeaky clean. We all had many laughs yesterday as we all kept finding SQUIRRELS for Colleen to buy. She was a good sport about all the teasing.

My tag swap is done, mailed and I think everyone has received their tags. It was a fun swap and all the tags were unique no to themes alike.

Packaged tags ready for mailing

Tags from the swap. Back row: Sue McPhereson, Cheryl Stoneham, Sherry Wescott, Wanda Clark,Front row: Suzanne Brooksbank, me, Kim Hesson, Jennifer Wyatt

Back row: Kim Caldwell, Jo Helmers, Colleen Jew,Tiffany Marshall Front row: Me, Michelle Devine, Heidi Woodruff

Tags on my enamel plate from Colleen

Vintage glove box from Colleen from her Washington trip

Enamel plate and glove box from Colleen
Mermaid ATC for the ATC swap at Mystic Paper in Aug

Tag that needs to be sent out tomorrow for a birthday tag ring

So long update and now it is to the pool cleaning oh yeah


kim hesson said…
yes it was a fun trip! need to get some photos of my buttons up! add that to the list!
Sherry! You packaged the tags for the Summer Tag Swap so nicely! It was fun to open! Thank you for the gifts! I loved this swap (as I did the first). Thank you!

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