Getting Ready

I am busy trying to get things organized at work and here at home for my upcoming trip this weekend. To say I am excited is putting it mildly. It will be so good to get away for a few days. And then add the events and shopping and the friends. It has been since Tim Holtz since we have met up with our partners in crime Kim C and Cheryl S. Missed you guys and can't wait to see ya.

I am an avid blog reader and have many many blogs I follow from the famous to the not so famous. It is interesting to see what is going on lately in the blog and scrapbook world. So much copying and so much competition, back biting and back stabbing. It is actually very sad. I see businesses and friendships ending over the petty jealousy and that makes me angry and sad. Today it was interesting to see an online blog that is copying the ideas and dreams of another person. I guess some people consider it fair game. I think Rebecca Tresler put it best on her blog when she wrote about competition among women. Maybe we all need to read it again and take heart. As many people have said "What goes around comes around" and those that steal others ideas or copy others projects and then teach them as their own will probably have the same thing happen to them one of these days.
Ok enough philosophy for the nite off to create.


Paris Cowgirl said…
Is it really worth it? Do we crave praise and recognition so badly that we have lost our sense of what's right? Or is it financial gain? Or maybe just a bit of jealously? Just a thought.

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