Favor boxes and goodies for Beth's Birthday celebration. These carrier boxes are from IKEA and I covered and embellished them with Rusty Pickle paper and ribbons. I filled each box with a Japanese white pen that I found online and it is a great pen for journaling, altered pic frame with a pic of us on my birthday, antique jewerly finds, a ribbon jar, and an egg cup. The pins I put on each box are called Bratz and I haven't seen any more. Got these years ago.
Beth and Colleen at Mystic Paper with Kim the owner in the background. We were early and Kim was cleaning up and getting ready for our class. A marathon class by the way. 11-3 no breaks at all of our choice.
The tradition continues as we decorate a "birthday bonnet" for the BD girl. Hat is from Australia from Colleen and then I used flowers, Tulle and old lace and old jewelry to embellish it.

What along day. Class at Mystic Paper was very involved, lots of new techniques faux finishes, . Each letter of the alphabet had a different finish. We made it through all the alphabet letters that required special techniques and still have to finish the more simpler ones. Front and back cover is done other than that our books are in a state of not being completed. Lots more work to keep me busy.
After the class, well we left before class was officially over, it was off to Houstons for Beth's dinner. As usual great food and company.
A busy day and we were exhausted. Pics of book will be coming. Our instructor suggested that we take pics of each page so as I had the camera I have pics so can let you see what the book is supposed to look like.
Kids coming for BBQ and swim and I have no food so guess it is better that I get dressed and head to the store!!!


Michelle Devine said…
Sounds like you guys had a great time. Love the hat. Those goodie boxes are great too. I want all the details on Thursday. Tuesday may be too crazy but I do want to hear about your fun day.
me to! sounds like you had a lot of fun. i'm loving your goodie bag. it's super cute! i'll see you on tuesday!

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