It's raining It's pouring

It has been predicted all week "a huge rain storm". But all we seemed to get was humid hot weather. That is until today. Well their prediction came true. An unbelievable humongous rain hit my area of Chandler. It poured so hard for about 10-15 minutes. Now it is just a sprinkle. But my patio is flooded, the street is flooded and the pool is full to the cool deck. I was out trying to get some pics and managed to get a few before the lightening drove me indoors

Looking at one of my neighbors across the street

My neighbor to my left

And directly across the street. See that wonderful new black jeep commander. Oh ya I want it

Playing with shrink it stuff. Here is the stamped size

and here they are after 2 minutes in the oven

I needed comfort food today. So I am having meatloaf made my Mom's way with potatos and carrots and I even made a fresh peach cobbler. Can't wait to eat


kim hesson said…
love the rain shots and the cobbler looks yummy!
Paris Cowgirl said…
That beautiful downpour soaked our house...ON THE INSIDE! The AC company swore they got it fixed, but the third time was not a charm for them, or us. It's tough to be in California when your house in AZ is being flooded!
Maija said…
OK, yum on the meatloaf!
Can you believe it didn't rain here in my tiny little part of ahwatukee!
The Apron Queen said…
Your peach cobbler looks delicious. A little birdy told me you love vintage aprons. Come on by.

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